Kristen & Nils | Engagement at Historic Downtown McKinney, TX

What is it that makes people fall in love?
Physical attraction.  Chemistry.  Similarities.  Differences.
An incredible symphony of all of these, divine order, timing and a dash of courage… and two worlds collide.

I think of it sometimes, how remarkable it is, that two people even meet.  The odds that our lives intersect, with someone who sets our blood on fire, who makes us laugh… or catch our breath.  That we even know to pay attention, to look up in their direction, to let our eyes linger.  These aren’t coincidences.  These are miracles.

Kristen and Nils had their miracle moment four years ago at Camp Lucy.  Even though these two Texas Tech graduates traveled the same campus, graduated the same year, it took a friend’s wedding to bring them together.  Across a crowded room, Nils took one look at Kristen, leaned over to his friend and said “I’m gonna marry that girl.”  Not short on courage, or honesty (as I discovered;), he made his way toward her… and the rest is history.

One of my favorite things to discover with couples is how they look at each other, hold each other, and what makes them linger in embrace.  Nils just wants to look at Kristen.  Constantly.  He loves being close to her.  He admires her, respects her… adores her.  Kristen is remarkably kind, humble and gentle.  Shaking my head now as I type this, she looked over at me toward the end of their session worried that she was “smiling too much.”  Kristen, lovely Kristen, you can never smile too much.  Fill the world with the joy you hold.  Always.

Here is their incredible engagement session… that had me swooning then and still.

We went to the spot where Nils proposed.
They reenacted it.
Aren’t they so fun?!?
True to form, I saw this light and got crazy giddy.
I let it play more in my lens, creating haze, more-so than I usually do.
But it seemed right.  True to them.  True to this moment.
Horse photobomb… who cares?  You two are going to have one beautiful life together.
I’m having so much fun asking couples to give me their own signature “last shot.”
Any Texas Tech alumni out there?!
I’d like to give a very special thanks to MainGait Therapeutic Horsemanship for allowing us to use their incredible property and photograph their horses.  It’s truly a remarkable place.

Kristen and Nils, you had me at “I feel like you’re gonna judge me.”  LOL!
Sincerely, my favorite honesty moment ever during a session!  (insert all the laughing emojis)
I adore you both!  Let’s celebrate BIG in October!

With gratitude,


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