Madison & Dylan | Engagement at Dallas Arboretum, Dallas, TX

It was Saturday.  It was warm.  After months of slumber, Texas Spring arrived suddenly, and all of Dallas came out to the Dallas Arboretum to greet her.

As a photographer, mid-day light is some of the trickiest.  Add in several hundred visitors, and photographers with subjects, I knew I had to have a plan.  I arrived early and was immediately dazzled by the color.  Spring hadn’t just arrived, she’d show up and was showing off.  Bloom after bloom, I walked through the heat, sun pelting down on my neck.  So captivated, I was oblivious to the sunburn I’d take home with me.

When Dylan and Madison arrived, I was trying to prepare them for them for what could be seen as obstacles:  people, people watching them, and more people passing by.  Madison just turned into Dylan, eyes closed.  I saw the moment… we started just like that.  It was as though the world melted away.  They were not only relaxed, they were remarkably comfortable.  These two are at home with each other, no matter what’s happening around them.  After 4 years of dating, they are still crazy about each other.  It was beautiful to witness.
He makes her laugh.  Really laugh.

Madison and Dylan, I am incredibly proud of what we accomplished together.
I cannot wait to photograph your wedding at Westwood Hall at The Springs in Weatherford!

With Gratitude,


Venue:  Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens

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