Lori & Kyle | Engagement at Eisenhower State Park, TX

Good things start at the beach.

That’s what Lori ajnd Kyle discovered 4.5 years ago, when their parents invited each of them to spend a day on the lake.  Their parents, who were friends, would often spend time together.  Both sets of parents thought it would be nice to introduce their kids to each other.  Just see what happened.  Lori and Kyle had no idea that this was more than a day of sun and play.  But would be their introduction… and they’d spend almost everyday together ever since.

I met them both on a warm Thursday evening at Eisenhower State Park.  Kyle requested this location for their engagement session.  He wanted to go back to where they first met.  He wanted a location with meaning, this spot seemed perfect.  Once they arrived, Lori jumped out of her jeep and smiled.  Instantly struck by – well – pretty much everything – Lori is lovely inside and out.  Kyle was kind and quiet, so easy going.  I could instantly see why they fit so well together.  They are prefect compliments, making each other laugh… and simply:  they adore each other.  I ended up adoring them too:).

So, the moral of this story:  children, listen to your parents.  They just might know a thing or two.
Lori is a personal trainer and owns a health and fitness shop called Elegant Nutrition.

Lori owns a boutique where you can get these adorable shirts (and others).  Check the link below!
Quickly becoming a signature:  “this is your last shot pose.”  :))

Lori and Kyle.  You two were perfect, and more, are perfect for each other.  Thank you for sharing the evening with me, making the walk up and down the hill multiple times, and protecting me from strange van-man.  😉  I cannot wait to photograph your wedding this Fall at the Grand Ivory.

With gratitude,


Lori & Kyle’s custom shirts:  Lulu’s Boutique
Elegant Nutrition:  https://www.facebook.com/elegantnutritionbebeautiful/

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