Worship & Dancing Photography | June 2017 | Fort Worth, TX

The dream of this shoot has been percolating in my heart for almost a decade.  A decade.
I have wanted to capture, at sunset, the art of worship through dance.
Not a dancer myself (although Justin Timberlake, TobyMac and Bruno Mars make me think otherwise), I had an idea of what I’d like to create, but it was a matter of timing.  And finding the right dancers to work with.
I met Krystina Simon over a year ago.  This stunning beauty was quiet and is one of the most talented, committed humans I’ve ever met.  She’s the founder and author of Adored With, a new website and upcoming brand, sharing health, beauty and green living advice.  Trust me, she’s living proof that it works.  She actually practices what she preaches.  😉
Krystina is also a dancer and a health advocate.  She’s been working with me on my health for awhile now, but I had NO idea what a phenomenal dancer she was.  I’d just known that she, and her friend Emma, were dancers often used by Gateway Church for various events.  Gateway does everything with excellence, so there was no need for an audition.
We met in early June, at precisely the time that my heart needed to shoot “just because.”
It was soul food.
I hope in sharing, it will inspire you to worship, dance, and offer what/who you are… right where you are.
Because you were made for such a time as this.

Emma… as the sun began to set.

Krystina can fly.

Emma played music.
Forgot I was there.
And worshipped.

The sun hit the horizon as a ball of fire, as though, agreeing with our offering.
Sometimes, my favorite images are those intentionally blurred.
This image.
How many times have I felt this.
And… in absolute brokenness, reached for the hand of the Almighty.
Jesus, you take my hand.
I’m so very grateful to both of you beautiful women, who express yourselves both fearlessly and elegantly.  Your transparency in worship; sharing how moments with God can feel triumphant and heartbreaking, was exactly what I’d been longing to capture for almost a decade now.  I just needed the right subjects.  Thank you for your willingness to offer this gift to me, and to others.  My prayer is that it is an encouragement for others to love God with their everything… in whatever stage of life that might be.  You are mighty, amazing, powerful women.  I’m proud to know you.

With gratitude,


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