Morgan Creek Barn.
Beautiful white barn.
Positioned perfectly on green grass, gentle path leading beside trickling brook.
Giant tree, which has seen many sunsets, shades to the right, complimenting both sunset and barn nicely.
This day, Sara and Ian Atencio’s wedding day.
This day, the sun hid.   Gentle clouds, like soft waves, covered rays.
Picture perfect exposure, for a picture perfect day.

Every time I think I’ll sell my Macro lens, I get a shot like this.  And reconsider.

I LOVE this image.

She walks.  He waits.

Love letter.  A list of why’s she is his

When the ladies ask to recreate the cover to Bridesmaids…

Quick walk outside, while the sky blazed orange.

Orange on one side.  Blue/pink on the other.

I’ve never seen a group dance like this before.  They had FUN!

Last dance.  Dance alone.  He held her and whispered the words.

Send off!

Thank you, Sara and Ian, for the countless precious moments shared me with, over the course of your journey together.
I’m so grateful to encounter people with a love like yours.
Happy forever, sweet friends.

With gratitude,


Venue:  Morgan Creek Barn
Dress & Veil:  Bliss Bridal
Shoes:  Payless
Belt:  Sam Moon
Earrings:  Charming Charlie
Floral:  Awesome BlossomMariah Piefer
Hair:  Hair x Lauren
MUA:  Pretty Face


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