Adrenaline still pumping, endorphins surging, I’d just photographed my first beach wedding in Cancun, Mexico (I love you guys: Katy & Hank!).  And I was on cloud 9.  Guests took turns walking down the aisle, as rows dismissed.  Cheeks red, pained from my giddy-grin.  They approached me and I’ll never forget her smile, salmon color dress and his warm and engaging approach.  Surprisingly, he said, “when it’s our turn, you are our photographer.”  That’s quite a way to introduce yourself.  Something you don’t forget.
That was 3 years ago… and I’ve been waiting ever since.
Then, recently… Sherrie shows up in my inbox.  Swearing me to secrecy till they told family and close friends.  But here it was:  their turn.  And I was their photographer.
Enchanted Rock has been its namesake, only from afar till now.  I’ve been waiting for that adventurous couple, not concerned with perfect hair or a few beads of sweat.  But after the moment… the storytelling images.
Willing to make the climb.
Well, it was their turn.
This was their choice.
I was their photographer.  So up we climbed.
Sherrie & Taylor:  you were so worth the wait.
(and the climb.)
See you next month.  Once again…

With gratitude,


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