Jessica & Kyle Newcomb | Wedding at Union 12 Event Venue, Columbia City, IN

My curser sits here blinking.
Keys waiting for strokes.
Screen for words.

Ear buds in, I turn on The Lumineers’s song “Ho Hey.”
I find myself still… disconnecting from the busy, beautiful life that surrounds me.
I listen.  I get quiet and decide to keep it simple, for their story needs no telling.  Their images say it all.

Their love story began when they were young.  Friends who fell in love, but career, life and adventure separated them for a time.  They both dated others, but remained best friends.  He was the one she’d want to share big news with.  He’d hear The Lumineer’s song… he’d think of her.  One night, he told her the familiar line, “I belong with you, you belong with me, you’re my sweetheart.”
They danced to this song at their wedding.

She returned home, to where it all began… to where they began.  To the place she always knew she’d land.  Because if ever two people were soulmates,
then I’m certain the word was created for them.

I drove up to their home, the door opened, and arms encircled my neck.  First her, then him.  From the moment I stepped into their space, I sensed their love for life, for each other, for others.  It is palpable.  It is beautiful.  They… are beautiful.

This is Kyle & Jessica Newcomb.
Jessica, is a renowned hairstylist.  She served everyone else first,
on her wedding day,
before she got ready.
Follow her on Instagram here.
Her family is incredibly important to her.
I’d venture to say, her family is everything to her.
Hearing the first beats to The Lumineer’s “Ho Hey.”

This isn’t the last I’ll share of these two.  Their sunset portraits and in home engagement session will follow soon.

With deep gratitude,


Venue:  Union 12
Photographer:  Kate Panza Photography
Hair & MUA:  Jessica Ryland

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