Bekah & Mark | Engagement Session in Highland Park, Dallas, TX

It was our initial consult.  I was getting to know Bekah and learn how she and Mark fell in love.  She explained how he couldn’t join us, because her attorney fiance was back in school to get his MBA in New York.
She’d always smile, when she spoke of him.  She admires his work ethic and love of learning.  When she spoke of him, she’d turn her face to the side and her eyes would get a far off look.  While describing their love story, she stopped mid-sentence and said “I just want to marry him.”  I knew right away, this was one of my couples.

They’ve been together for 4 years.  Even so, there is such a newness and sweetness in the way they are together.  He’s chivalrous, thoughtful.  She looks up at him with admiration and tenderness.  When I asked him what his first impression was of Bekah all those years ago, without hesitation he said “she was way out of my league.”  Hearing this, she looked down bashfully, big smile spread across her face, and shook her head.  It was incredibly sweet to witness.

I heard about when they knew each other was “the one.”  I learned about how Mark zig-zagged across the country, flying to multiple states, to get her Father’s permission to marry her… and get the right ring.  Oh yeah, he’d chosen one, but discovered it wasn’t her dream cut, so he made sure that was perfect too.

He treasures her.  She adores him.  These two are just perfect for each other.

Bekah and Mark, you were a joy to get to know.  I can’t wait to photograph your Bridals and Wedding at Brik next year!

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