Jodi & Ryan | Anniversary Shoot, Fort Worth, TX

I’m sure we were standing at the edge of her driveway, watching our kids play, when we ended up chatting about her wedding day.  We usually talk about our kids, groceries, or work… because Jodi’s my next door neighbor/friend.  You know, the one who you call last minute to watch your kids or ask for a cup of sugar.  Dependable, smiling, faithful friend everyone needs to have.

On this particular day, she casually mentioned how she wished she would have spent more on her wedding photography.  I nodded, having heard this many times, then she said “I didn’t have my make up done either.”  It wasn’t meant to be an important comment, but things strike me that way sometimes.  I remember being surprised, but then my next thought was… I hadn’t had my make up done either.  I strongly advise every woman I work with to have her make up professionally done, because, it’s part of the experience of feeling beautiful before she steps in front of my camera.  Hearing Jodi say that, made me a little sad for the both of us, then quickly I dismissed it… because I had an idea.

If you’ve followed me for more than a minute, you know how strongly I feel that every person should live in photographs.  Especially, women.  Why?  Because as a woman, so often we spend our time behind the camera documenting the lives of those we love, that we find ourselves missing in the family album.  I’m guilty of this too.  But my heart is for every woman to be TRULY seen.  For her to have at least one moment in her life, outside of her wedding day, where she looks at images of herself that make her feel like she could be “the woman in the magazine.”

So, I encouraged Jodi to celebrate her anniversary by taking the photos they wish they had years ago.  Because it’s never too late to celebrate love.  Joy.  Life.  Beauty.  And marriage.  Because “I do” isn’t just for one day.  It’s for everyday… for the rest of your lives.  And, it is a great reason to buy the dress and get your hair and make up done, too.  😉

Jodi and Ryan, thank you for entrusting me with your anniversary photos.  It couldn’t have been photographed in better light, been a better moment, or with a better couple.  Your marriage is truly beautiful.  Congratulations on nearly 12 years.  Now, go have fun in Aruba!

With gratitude,


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