Chad & Krystina Engagement Session | Grapevine, TX

There are just some people, some loves, that leave you breathless.
Come on, you know it’s true.
We’ve all watched a movie, gotten swept away with the romance.
The idea of a man, pursuing a woman, with his whole heart.
He fights for her.
He waits for her.
He courts her… and treasures her heart.

When I met Krystina, almost 2 years ago now, like everyone who meets her, I was struck by her beauty.
She was quiet, at first, but whenever she mentioned her boyfriend Chad’s name, her face would light up.
I’d watch her eyes drift, chin lower, smile spread across her face.
The very thought of him took her somewhere else.

I first saw Chad through a window.  I couldn’t even see Krystina, but I could see his face.
He was looking at her.
Pure love and adoration.
This man loves this woman.  With all that he has.

I can’t express what it has meant to me to get to know them, to photograph their intimate proposal, and now… their engagement.

We met at a park in Grapevine, TX, and as the sun set, we followed it around the lake.
And I captured:  these two.  In love.

Their love, their story, is one like the movies.
As you scroll through these images, you’ll see.
And it might leave you a little weak in the knees.

Chad and Krystina… your love is the stuff of legend.
My heart is full and lives better for knowing you.
And Chad… I expect epic greatness on the dance floor in November.

With love and gratitude,


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