I met Krystina a couple years ago at Gateway Church.  A rare beauty, her passion for health, Jesus and keen sense of style set her apart.
Seeking health answers myself, she freely offered advice and guidance, never asking for anything in return (check out her website:  www.adornedwith.com).  Krystina became a dear friend.
As I got to know her, I met Chad.  When she spoke of him, her face would light up.  Once I met him, I saw how he couldn’t take his eyes off her, and I knew.
Having watched countless couples interact, it’s second nature now:  you just know which ones were made for each other.
I partnered with Chad a few months ago, to photograph some of his custom furniture (the man is a master craftsman!  www.chadhamdesigns.com).  So when I got a call a few weeks ago, I was hopeful, but thought it may be in regards to something he’d made.  Well… it was.  It was about a ring box, and a ring in it… and a question he was going to ask Krystina.
And he wanted to know if I could be there.
>> Insert ugly cry face. <<
Yes, I’d be there!
He wanted to take her to Magnolia Green Park, in Fort Worth.  It’s a little patch of green, near Brewed, where they’d had their first date.
That first night, they sat and talked for 3 hours.
He told me, he wanted to take her back to where it began, to ask for her hand.
>>> Insert ugly cry face (again). <<<
So, in 100 degrees… I sat, like the paparazzi, hands shaking in nervous excitement (for the first time in forever) and waited to surprise her.

When she realized what was going on…

She didn’t even wait for him to put the ring on her finger, she just embraced him.
It was perfect.

As she hugged him, I saw her sneaking a peek at her ring over his shoulder.  Greatness!!! <3

This ring.  This box.
Seriously, though.

Her laugh is contagious.

I can’t even.


CONGRATULATIONS, Chad & Krystina!!!

Chad, thank you so much for letting me photograph this incredible moment.  It was a privilege to be asked.
Krystina, I’ve dreamt of this moment for you, since I’ve known you.  I just can’t believe I got to be there with you.
I’m so incredibly grateful.  xoxo

With love and gratitude,


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