London & Eric | Engagement Session in Highland Park, Dallas, TX

London and Eric:
They are JOY.
Expressed.  Celebrated.  Enjoyed.

I’ve known London for a couple of years now.  We met shortly after she and Eric had started dating.  She is one of the kindest people I’ve ever met.  Gentle and trusting to the core.  She’s genuinely GOOD, through and through.  So, I knew whoever won her heart would be an amazing man indeed.

We met in Highland Park last month to photograph their engagement session.  Eric was everything I expected.  A gentleman, gracious, thoughtful.  As we worked, I asked him questions about London… what were his favorite things about her.  He had a hard time limiting it to my requested 3-5 favorites, but outside of her love for Jesus and others… he said he loves how she loves to have fun.

It’s funny how you can know someone for ages, and not necessarily pinpoint the things that endear them to you.  When Eric said this, I realized that is something I adore about London as well.  Not just her joyful heart that spills onto her face, but her love of fun and celebrating life.

This pure untainted goodness… it’s exceptional to be around.  And very contagious.

You’d never know we were roasting in over 100 degrees taking these.  For over 2 hours.  Because, honestly:  we just had fun.

Highland Park is one of my favorite places.  Everything about it is so beautiful!

These two are kind.
Honest.  Thoughtful.  Fun-loving people.

I also learned how much these two love to dance.
I can’t wait to see what they’ll do on the dance floor of their October wedding at The Grand Ivory!
Genuine laughter.
“and suddenly all the love songs were about you”

“you’re the one, I’ve been looking for.”
“he looked at her the way all women want to be looked at by a man.”  F. Scott Fitzgerald
When you see hearts in everything.
This outtake, was an accidental misunderstanding of my direction.
And turned into one of my favorite playful moments. 😛
Show me, how does “mine” feel?
This past year, I usually ask for clients to show me what it looks like to know they are finished with their session.  Each response is different.
I love them all.
This one, however, had the most air.
By far.London,
I wrote a version of this, when I delivered your gallery,
but it’s worth declaring:  your joy is precious.
And finding that one person, who treasures it… and brings it out in you, shares it with you,
well that’s a sacred gift.

Holding hands with my husband last night, we took our nightly walk
and both had an ah-ha moment.
We hadn’t defined our very favorite thing about each other
in recent years.
Turns out, for both of us, it’s the way we make each other laugh.

We stopped in our tracks, right there roadside.
Turned face to face and embraced.
Jesus used my husband to bring joy, release joy, show me joy…
and give me someone who treasures me
because I carry it.
The gratitude of that runs deep.

Why tell you that?
Because, I see you and Eric have that same joy of love expressed,
here at the beginning of your relationship.
It took J and I well over a decade to appreciate each other the way you two do now.
That’s remarkable… and I’m incredibly proud of you both.

I will warn you though:  joy comes with a price tag.
It will leave evidence that you are a carrier.
It will stamp traces all over your face.
Some people call them wrinkles.
I prefer joy tracks.
A worthy price to pay, I think.

Much love.
Much gratitude for the gift of telling your story.


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