The first time I met Cindy and Robbie we met was in a coffee house.  A real coffee house.  You know, the kind with worn couches and throw pillows.  There were newspapers on tables and people lingered in lounge positions.  It was homey.
I watched them come in, Cindy’s warm smile and outstretched hand greeted me.  She sat next to me on the weathered leather couch, pulling her feet up and tucked them in a cozy position.  Robbie went and got coffee.  While most of my client meetings are relaxed and friendly, this was a whole new level of familiar.  We immediately made small talk and discussed our shared love for New England Fall weather.  They are from Boston, but left for Cindy’s graduate studies in applied linguistics.  Robbie left Boston so he could be close to her.  Or at least that’s the story I’m telling.

When we booked their engagement session, they knew exactly what they wanted.  Museum lovers, they wanted art and coffee.  So, we ventured to Fort Worth’s Kimbell Art Museum and Avoca Coffee to do just that.

Truly, I’ve never seen a couple smile so much.
If I defined them in a word:  joyful.
This next series… well… it sent this light lover into a frenzy.
I am wild about stumbling on unusual, natural, pockets of light!
I mean… HER SMILE!
Sun had set.  We headed to Avoca Coffee…
Cheers, you two!  Thank you for being so fantastic, so natural in front of the camera.
I had so much fun with you both!
Now, I cannot wait for your wedding next year at the Chapel at Ana Villa!

With Gratitude,


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