If art is true to life, then it should always be changing.  Evolving.

There are many things that encourage change and growth as an Artist.
New lenses help change perspective.  Beautiful light will enhance the natural beauty of your subject.
But even in ideal environments, it is easy to become stagnant without this one key element:  risk.

I’ve found on my journey, I too often want to play it safe.
Follow the “rules” of photography.
Watch your meter | white balance | focus
Keep your horizons straight | no straight lines through your subject’s head.
Low ISO | no grain.
Rules and boundaries are meant for protection, to help us become better.
Never to become a prison.

After awhile it has become noisy chatter like clattering chains.
Chains that burden and weigh down the spark of creativity that longs to catch fire.
Slowly, I’m cutting that dead weight.

I limit what I share on Facebook, my website, blog, Instagram, etc.
Because I’m slowly testing the waters as I try new things.
I work in a business that continues based on client support (to which I emphatically say THANK YOU!!)

But this business first started because someone, many years ago, saw work in my own home and asked me to shoot her children
just as I’d photographed my own.
I’d photographed my loves from that vantage point:  love.  Not rules.
And that’s what attracted my first client.

My aim as a Photographer has always been to photograph Clients authentically.
I prayerfully seek to capture the essence of who they are, because I truly believe our lives are so precious and sacred.
The trust that has been extended to me is invaluable.  I treasure each and everyone one of you.

Where I’ve felt caught, especially lately, is in the trap I set for myself.
Of continually promoting the work that I see is the thriving beat of the industry.  What pays the bills and brings repeat clients.
While the work is precious to me, so often, it isn’t risk taking.
And in order to grow, we’ve ALL got to step out of our comfort zone at times and present the underbelly of who we are… or long to be.

This vulnerable prologue is to share the face that launched my career.
But this time, I shot and edited these images by breaking a lot of those rules that have held me tightly bound as an Artist.
And I LOVE the results.

I want you to like it.  No, I want you to love it too.  Because these images are laden thick with raw emotion.
Emotive images are ALWAYS my favorite.
Many of you have made me cry my eyes out or jump up and down during a shoot when you let me SEE you.
Real exchanges.  No masks or poses.  And I come alive each time you do.

So… shooting from my heart… here’s a look at a new direction I’d like to take for fine art portraiture.
I am looking for some select models and will be offering DRASTICALLY discounted sessions to promote this new venture.
Interested?  Email me for more.

In the meantime… thanks for listening… and enjoy:).



With gratitude,


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